Finally a Chiropractor in Tempe Arizona That Knows What Your Body Needs...

And he doesn't even have to crack your back!

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Our Goal at The Power Company...

...Is to Honor God through helping his creation, of all ages, express their life and health to its fullest!

Family Chiropractic

Dr. Kevin Ross, DC has been practicing family chiropractic services for over 20 years.

KST, What is it?

What do you call something that works, but it's hard to explain? KST! There is a good explanation for it, you can find it here!

Infants and Toddlers?

Most people (even MD's and Nurses) don't realize how many newborn and toddler issues can be resolved with some basic chiropractic care. Especially nursing babies and their mothers.

FAQ's and SAQ's

Dr. Ross answers some Frequently Asked Questions, as well as "Should Ask Questions" regarding chiropractic care.

Download our popular book "How To Choose A Chiropractor".

This 16 page informative chiropractic consumer guide reveals: * 10 Signs that you should see a chiropractor, * 7 Ways to avoid back pain, * Test your knowledge of Anatomy, * Chiropractic for Kids and Infants too! * You should NOT have an adjustment if... * And Much More!!!

Google Apps & Ms Exchange

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